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Why Reputation Management for People in Business is Vital.

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Before the Internet, it was easy for individuals and business leaders to keep a low profile.

Now, with the rapid growth of social media sites and professional profiles like LinkedIn, what Company Directors, Key Shareholders, CEO’s and Executives say, or more importantly, what people say about them online, can seriously impact their company's online reputation. It's now evident that more than ever, specialist companies, such as YESpbm are hired to do the heavy lifting, so public figures and business leaders can actually focus on their goals and directives.

Here's why:

- 45% of people attribute the company's reputation to that of the people behind the company, key stakeholders, directors, and CEO’s, with many expecting this figure to rise.

- 44% of executives believe the public's opinion of the business leaders affect a brand's market value.

- 42% of people have said they searched CEOs, key stakeholders, and business leaders before deciding to act on a business deal.

- 45% of those surveyed said negative content in the search results made them ultimately back out of a deal.

- 58% of investors would only consider buying company stock if key business stakeholders had a positive reputation online.

-70% of investors would maintain confidence in the business during performance slumps if the CEO had a positive online reputation.

Key Stake Holders (CEO’s, Directors, Major Shareholders) with a positive reputation can also give a boost to recruiting and talent acquisition.

- 77% of top business leaders believe having a strong reputation as a Key Stake Holder attracts employees.

- 70% of executives claim a positive CEO reputation helps retain the employee base.

- 50% of the executives said they accepted a position themselves because of a Key Stake Holder's reputation.

Everything's fine online, is this really so urgent?

YES. The importance of a strong online reputation and clear personal brand management for anyone within a company is paramount.

The importance for a key stakeholder has never been higher.

The spread of social media has made this appear easy for an individual to manage alone, make no mistake though, this is now serious business.

How can you take care of this, so I don't have to?

Getting specialist help early not only prevents a range of issues that can crop up online when you least expect them, but will help drive your message, and your profits fast.

For more information about managing your personal brand and helping with your online reputation management services get in touch for a free confidential chat with now.

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