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Doctors: Don’t Neglect Your Online Reputation

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

A single negative review can cost you up to £180,000.

How? I’m glad you asked...

A recent study by Harvard Business School has shown that ANY negative review can turn away up to 30 paying patients.

For example, with some basic maths, a plastic surgeon who charges £6000 for basic Rhinoplasty (a nose job) will find that 1 bad review can cost the practice up to 30 new patients, o around £180,000. Ouch

Take charge of your Online Reputation NOW!

Studies clearly show that patients now use reviews before visiting a practitioner. A clinic’s strong brand identity can be destroyed in a matter of seconds by just one or two bad reviews. While you may not be able to please every patient, you must maintain your Online Reputation to avoid the odd “bad apple” spoiling the bunch.

Online Reviews are here to stay. You simply can’t stick your head in the sand to avoid maintaining your Online Reputation. Sadly, too many doctors still wait until they feel the effects of an issue with their Online Reputation before seeking the help of an Online Reputation Management (ORM) Expert. This makes the problem worse of course. Harder and more expensive to fix.

When it comes to ORM, just like medicine, prevention is almost always better than cure

Is Reputation Management really so important?

Of course, it is! Your online identity IS your reputation in the internet era. It’s that simple. Years of training, hard work, and clinical excellence can be overshadowed by a new practitioner with a swish marketing team or worse, erased by a bitter rival or former patient posting negative reviews and content online.

Gone are the days (almost) when clinical excellence was enough to ensure a constant stream of the very best patients via referral. traditional referrals and “Social Proof” have clearly been replaced by review sites and Online Reputation Management strategies Patients can now see before and after pictures, interviews, videos, and other patient comments about you at the click of a button from the comfort of their armchairs. The Pandemic has even normalised “Video Consultations” to some extent, all digital. All online.

Regardless of whether another doctor or a patient's family member referred them to you, chances are they will still check you out online. If they have multiple options, what they see about you can significantly influence their decision.

Online Reputation is now one of the most effective marketing investments a practice can make. Not only do positive reviews increase consumer trust in your business, but they also help you rank higher on the search engines.

Online Reputation is referred to as the overall perception others have of you or your services based on the information available on the internet. This includes search results, images, videos, and social media mentions. Your reputation is impacted by what you post online and what others say about you and your business online.

The time to consider your Online Reputation is now. Prospective patients are searching for you on the internet. You cannot afford to ignore the online reviews. We live in an era of radical transparency, and the first impression of an individual or a business is frequently made online.

Often, in recent years, what we see online is not just a mirror of reality but a distortion of reality. At YESpbm, we specialise in Medical Reputation Management. We help our doctors regain control over how their name and Personal Brand is perceived online. We can build a positive image of course, and we can restore any damage that may have happened along the way.

Clean up your Online Reputation by following these simple steps;

● Conduct an online audit.

● Create a strategy.

● Create a clean-up list.

● Begin the clean-up.

● Build your online presence through social media channels.

● Post regular content. Content is king.

● Keep repeating the above steps frequently.


● Simply assign the YESpbm team to do the job for you.

Rebuilding your reputation after a crisis, or a simple bad review, requires a well-thought-out strategy, strong commitment, dedication, and will to succeed. To survive and earn patients' trust in today's highly competitive world, being genuine, transparent, and trustworthy is more important than ever.

While a reputational crisis or negative review can temporarily damage this, the steps mentioned above can help ensure a speedy recovery and a long-term solution-oriented approach to managing major and minor turmoil.

If you are still wondering how to clean up your Online Reputation, connect with our experts at YESpbm, and mention this article to get a confidential 15-minute consultation worth £299, Absolutely FREE by clicking HERE- Calendar

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