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Cutting costs: maximizing results

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

We get asked often to help people on a limited budget get a fresh start. They are worried that the bitter ex-wife, or employee who is making their life hell online, will never go away and that they will have to sell the family silver to fund legal battles based around liable laws.

There are some basic tips that will help and which we are happy to share with them and now with you.

1) Don't get drawn into a "tit for tat" exchange on blogs or email. Everything you say and post is live and lasts forever. It's easy for that moral high ground to turn into moral quicksand so stay above the fray

2) Have your solicitor send a "cease and desist" letter before it's too late. Often this "shot across the bow" can stop them in their tracks, make sure though that they are told in no uncertain terms to take the content down by XX time and XX day or you will pursue all means necessary under law, and costs, with no further notice (the "and costs" part usually get them if they are just being vindictive).

3) Talk to someone. This can be really stressful. Often the shame of co-workers sniggering, or other parents chattering behind raised hands on the school drop off can force people "underground". You need to get some air. A lifelong friend, or better yet a professional councillor can be a life saver. Screaming at the wind on a stormy night is particularly satisfying.. and cheap! Whatever you do, don't bottle it up.

4) More is better.. A PR Snowstorm is a trick politicians have used for decades. When there is a bad article out there, make sure that 5 great pieces quickly follow. Do some guest writer blogs, with your name, on highly viewed sites, maybe get your picture taken helping the scouts and post on your social media with a back link to their page, why not volunteer somewhere highly visible, and rewarding for the soul. If it worked for Lindsay Lohan - it can work for you.

All of the above activities are free and relatively simple. They offer varying degrees of outcome depending on your situation, but they are usually very effective in the short term. If not, we recommend that you seek the help of professionals in Personal Brand Management such as YESpbm.

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