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Fix your Google with these 5 Simple Steps

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

The main question we get asked when giving public talks, or at staff training days etc.. is "how can I get rid of a bad post/picture of me online?".

The immediate answer is - you can't. Not easily. But you can stop negative content about you shooting to the top of Google every time your colleagues want to invite you to a staff function.

Google, as they love telling us, merely represents what is online, somewhere, in search format. Through "indexing" or "linking" this content.

If you then "de-index", or "bury it" in positive content, what the search engines will do is place your more relevant and recent content at the top.

We believe that managing your own online reputation, with the right guidance and tools, can be as simple as sitting next to the pool with an iPad.

Below are our simplest 5 tips to get you started yourself.


1. Identify the negative content. Is it inflammatory, defamatory, out of date, slanderous or completely false? The difference in the above will make a difference in how difficult it will be to remove. Text that is completely false will be much more simple than text that is inflammatory.

2. Document all links, articles, images, text etc. Take screenshots of the google search, the link itself. Be very clear and detailed when doing this.

3. Become familiar with Google’s Content and User Contribution Policy

.If you are going to do this yourself you must first read all the fine print, its easier than you think.

4. Find out who controls the webpage where the negative content is posted. Make contact with them explaining why the text is inflammatory, defamatory, out of date, slanderous or completely false. Use examples, and give proof where possible. Often you will find this alone can have the text/image removed. Cite any policies they have on their site that could benefit your case. If they won’t remove it you can ask the publisher to consider amending or altering the content to be more relevant and less inflammatory.

5. If the webpage host will not co-operate, contact Google directly and request removal of the content. Remember to cite their policies you have become familiar with from step 3.


We get that not every bad online reputation about people online is an easy fix. You may need a tailored, professional support package.

If yours is a more complex case, give us a call or drop us an email for a free chat in the first instance and let's see what we can do to help.

Whether you have multiple negative results, a criminal conviction from long ago now popping up, or even bad reviews for your business on Yelp, etc.

It may be much simpler, and cost less than you think!

In fact, in most cases we work on, the savings, or increased business profits and salaries long term well and truly cover the initial investment required to make you look fantastic again online.


Removing Outdated Content

To remove outdated content from Google, you can request this simply by entering the Google URL into this link:

For more information or help on this issue contact us at

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