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What is reputation management? Why does it matter? How long does it take? YESpbm answers reputation management FAQs here.

Frequently Asked

What can I expect from YESpbm?

In a word - outcomes.  

Whether your business is suffering bad reviews online, or whether your embarrassed to be Googled, we’re here to help.

We get things done.  As no two people or challenges are alike, our solutions are end to end and completely bespoke.  We want to get to know you, to understand the issue and to fix it.  


We believe in outcomes, not just the process.

What guidance/support can YESpbm offer?

We know how devastating harassment can be.  Bullies used to be left at the school gate, now they’re with us 24/7.  We’re here to help.  From practical outcomes to emotional support for you, and your family.  Leaders in the field of accounting and law, counselling, grief, social media and public relations, to name a few are at your disposal to help you through, and to get you that fresh start.

How can you offer a guarantee when other companies won't

We believe our approach is unique in the industry.  We are fully collaborative, choosing to work with you, the person, not the online profile or credit card number.


We get to know you so that hopefully, you'll become a friend, not just client.  We care about outcomes for people and companies in genuine need.  We feel your pain.

We work with you to agree your personal battle plan, then to implement it.  That way, there are no surprises.  


We set realistic goals and make sure we meet them.  It's the way business used to work, and friendships should - mutual trust and respect with reasonable expectations.  Guaranteed.  

I'm new to this, can I dip my toe in the water with a Personal Brand?

Yes, and no.  

You already have a personal brand.  How you wear your clothes, your hair and you speech or accent is, in part, your brand.  What you believe in, feel or think about a range of issues, people and places all goes to form your brand.  

The only issue is most people never see the real you online.  They see a 2 sec moment in time posted, often, to make friends a little jealous or to portray something you think they want to see.

We would ask you to look at the underlying motivation.  What your brand actually is and how you could present this to be more genuine, and often, more private.  


After all, BMW don't show messy oil leaks in new car brochures, so why do so many people show messy vacation pics to employers?

Your brand may be yours, but we can help you find and define it.  How far we go is up to you, so we'll cover that in our chat.

How long will the process take?

That’s up to you.  As our solutions are as bespoke as our clients. From an online polish to build your business, or land that dream career, to a "total reboot", online and off it can take anywhere from a month to a year.  


Most clients will see results online within a few days.


What we can promise is immediate and unwavering support.  Attention to the challenge, a plan of attack and a quantifiable, mutually agreed outcome.  Guaranteed. 

What exactly can you do to help me?

We offer a range of services.  From "flushing" a bad comment or post about you, to a brand new you, online or off.  


Ever wanted to simply start again?  Wish you could join the infamous FBI relocation program for a simpler life without the baggage?  


Well, we may not be the FBI but we will certainly help you get a fresh start.  


From online identities, social media and really positive local PR, to a full makeover with a new legal name, address, credit, field of interests, perhaps even a new country, visa or more... Let's see what you need.

How will a new identity affect my existing credit?

It's hard to say and can be region dependent.  We've had significant success dealing with bad credit but most of our clients agree that the credit score is not always the key issue.  


It's what the mortgage officer, or ivory league school sees when they "Google you".  


Your credit may be ok but if the builder you're in dispute with over faulty work wants to complain online that you've not paid him, then that can be enough to add smoke to a fire that's simply not there.   

What are your fees?

The investment required depends on the scope of work and task(s) at hand.  


It can start from as little as a few hundred pounds to clear a couple of items online and help you look great again to the cost of a small Caribbean Island for that Presidential bid you've always dreamed of.  


We deliver excellence and often that's not cheap.  But hey, it's excellence.


A better question can be "what's a fresh start worth", or your dream job for that matter?


Don't worry, we cover this in our chat once we know how we can help.  The cost of freedom is then clearly defined and you decide if it's go time! 

Can you guarantee that the trolls won’t find me again?

No.  We can certainly make it hard though.  Our clients go through a steep learning curve in "going off the grid".  


They've learnt the hard way that "social" networking isn't really that social or that being "liked" by a hundreds of people they don't really know can cause issues.  


We can sell you a brand new car but we can't stop you driving drunk again - sometimes you've just got to learn the hard way and not repeat the mistakes of the past.

Where to from here?

Drop us a line and we'll give you a call.  


Let's have a chat about what you are facing, how high the water is and where we may be able to take some of the pressure off.  


It's free and sometimes just talking to someone who gets it, without judgement, is a real life saver!

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