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Your Online Reputation

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A 2010 study showed that 70% of U.S. recruiters and HR professionals have rejected candidates based on information they found online.  Imagine what it's like now?

YESpbm was born to solve this unique, 21st-century problem.  


We don’t think it’s fair, or reasonable, that you’re judged by strangers from what they find out about you online. Or worse, content that others have posted about you, which may or may not be true.  

We got sick of all the bullying we saw online.  The “trolls” can ruin a good name at the click of a button, to get a little attention or a little revenge.  

While 78% of people trust online reviews, as much as a recommendation from a friend or a family member, we’ll also make sure your business gets the same deep clean, or polish online, as you do.  


Whether it’s removing a phony one-star review, or giving you a complete Personal Brand makeover to get rid of bad press; we get results.  Fast.


We feel the internet should be a place of honesty and openness again.  A place to share ideas and inspiration.  Not to give one-star reviews to a world-famous eye surgeon because their receptionist had a bad day.

We’ll tell your side of the story.  Set the record straight.  It’s that simple.  

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