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YESpbm grows your business by cleaning your online reviews.


One of the most common questions we get asked at YES is "How do I clean my search results?" 


Some people can have the negative content removed completely which ideally, would be for all.  The fastest and most effective way is to bury it so deep however, it cannot be found.

We have developed unique tools, algorithms and advanced techniques that use SEO principles, content creation, backlinking, and much more to lift positive results which in turn push down negative ones.


Whether it's a negative article, social media image, bad reviews or sensitive personal information, the problem generally won't go away on its own. You need to address the issue immediately. Why? The problem will often get worse or attract more attention if left alone. This in turn lifts its ranking and makes it more obvious when people search for you online.


Negative links are by nature designed to attract clicks.


The more clicks the higher the ranking in your search bar. We aim to turn this negative process upside down by promoting positive content about you. We use our advanced techniques to ensure these become more desirable by google and therefore outrank any negative or sensitive link you want removed.   

Advanced SEO

Advanced SEO and deep back linking to promote positive content

Unique Tools

Highly developed tools designed to monitor and maintain your public profile

Negative link removal

Ask us about having links removed from googles indexing for good

clean google

You will finally have a clean google search and be able to walk with confidence again

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