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Time for a Fresh Start?

Sometimes, no matter what you do, they won't let you move on.  We help people in real crises get their second chance. 

Is there a better time to Get your Fresh Start - than right now?

Not only will we build and manage a personal brand as unique as you are, but we can fix reviews, kill negative blogs, bury old convictions, articles, bad PR, and much, much more.  Online and off.


Victim of trolls?  Smear campaign?  A bitter ex-wife, or business partner?  That old conviction stopping you from moving forward?  Escaping an abusive relationship and need a fresh start? 


Is one mistake, or bad period in your life, supposed to define you forever?  HELL NO!  

Offering REAL people; wonderful, unique, flawed human beings, practical support, with real outcomes, through the toughest time in their life isn't just what we do - it's what we love!


"...75% of HR departments are required to research candidates online before hiring, with 70% deep screening on social media." - (Harvard Business School)

Are they seeing the very BEST possible you?

Top talent's known the value of a great personal brand for centuries.  Kings wore crowns and carried swords, Einstein seldom got a hair cut and Regi Dwight knew people would rather pay to see Elton John in a feather boa.

As the world powers into a digital future, your own personal brand now has great value as well.


Whether positive or negative is up to you.


We're harvested by the likes of Google, Instagram, and Facebook every day. Employers, neighbours, gym buddies, even your baby's nursery teacher... They're all looking at you online. 


What we're great at is tweaking a personal brand that's had a bit of mud thrown at it.


From a light polish, to a deep clean or total rebuild, it's never been more important to present the BEST possible YOU online.


Whether you're starting life as a graduate, already in business, being judged by investors and potential clients, or trying to get your children into that top school; what people say about you and your personal brand, online and off, matters. A lot.

"93% of consumers say online reviews impact their purchasing decisions." - (Podium)

If you're in a hole - stop digging!

Did you also know a ONE star bump in a YELP online review can add up to 9% in turnover annually? 


Our free consultation helps us get to know your challenges, goals and pain.  To turn things around.  Fast.

We get that bad stuff online hurts, and not just feelings.  


We see people and companies drowning daily in shame, feeling suffocated or trapped by a world of negativity with their name all over it.  


The first thing we share is that we've been there, we get it, but it's time to "stop digging". We really can help.

Every case is different of course; our tailored approach requires the care and time to get to know you, to help you achieve your goals or understand your pain.  

Whether your goal is to collect more positive online reviews or to address why you are receiving negative online reviews, we're here to help.

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"I didn't believe reviews could be removed! I've had 3 taken down and my star rating has gone from a 3.7 to 4.2. Should have done this sooner"  - Colin, London

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